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About advertising

Our website was launched in December 2021 with the purpose of providing useful information for Japanese people living in and coming to Chiang Mai.
We disseminate a variety of information such as store information in Chiang Mai, life and event information, and other information on traveling to and from Japan, and the number of articles has exceeded 300.
When searching for keywords including "チェンマイ(Chiang Mai)" on Google search, etc., it will be displayed higher in the rankings.
The recognition of our website continues to increase among local Japanese residents and Japanese tourists alike.

Examples of Chiang Mai-related keywords ranked highly (in Japanese)

  • チェンマイ + 日本食 (Chiangmai + Japanese Food)
  • チェンマイ + 居酒屋 (Chiangmai + Izakaya:Japanese food restaurant)
  • チェンマイ + イベント (Chiangmai + Event)
  • チェンマイ + 移住 (Chiangmai + Transmigration)

(As of December 2023)

Introduction of published results

Japanese construction company in Chiang Mai『PIM DÉCOR LAB』🇯🇵
→Receive orders for condominium renovations and plumbing work via this site!

[Event Report]JETRO : JAPAN Food Exhibition & Business Matching in Chiang Mai 2023🇯🇵
→ Announcement and implementation report of various events in Chiang Mai

Information on 2023 Khom Roi Festival & Local Tour in Chiang Mai ~ Why not give Khom Roi this year?🇯🇵
→ Announcement and attraction of tourist events in Chiang Mai

[LIVE REPORT] 爆風スランプのドラマー「ファンキー末吉」ジャズトリオがチェンマイでライブ開催!🇯🇵
[LIVE REPORT] Japanese Drummer FUNKY SUEYOSHI presents "FUNKY ASIAN TRIO" live in Chiangmai on 2/Dec/2023🇬🇧
→ Chiang Mai music event announcement and report

"Chiang Mai Design Festival 2023" Changmoi Area is hot!🇯🇵
→Received a request from a local event organizer and wrote an article in Japanese and spread it on SNS

Japanese fresh fish store "Uoriki" opens at "Makro Chiang Mai"! Tuna dissection show video too!!🇯🇵
→Announcement and report of new store opening event

Community-based information distribution is gaining huge popularity.

About publication costs

There are various methods of publication available.

For one-off postings such as event announcements, etc.

Post periodup to 1 month
Publication cost1,500 B (negotiable)
Shortest date until publicationUsually 3 business days (fastest plan available)
OptionsConducted interviews and report creation (cost, content, etc., negotiable)

Continuously posting and disseminating business information such as stores and services

Post period3 months ~
Publication costmonthly contract 3,000 B
annual contract 30,000 B
Plan contents1. Create tie-up articles
2. Article publication
3. Dissemination on each SNS
4. Posted in recommended articles (displayed on TOP page)

If you have a continuous contract or annual contract, you can change the article content and announce campaigns about once a month.


*A separate article creation fee may be charged.
*Transportation expenses and photography expenses may be charged separately if interviews are required.

We are flexible in responding to information postings by non-profit organizations and performance-based information postings.
Please feel free to contact us via Official LINE.